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We created the firm that we'd want to work with.

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You Are Not A Burden

We focus on current clients rather than getting new ones. That's because we want lifelong clients - people we can go the distance with. We'll never make you feel like we have better things to do than help you.


We're Not Know It Alls

No matter how much you know, you can't know everything. We'll never try to convince you we do with fancy language or over complicating things. Instead, we'll keep communication simple and our answers honest.


We Keep Our Promises

Seems pretty simple but it's not easy. We're careful about the commitments we make because a promise is a promise and we'll do everything we can to keep them including working around the clock.


We Own Our Mistakes

We do everything we can to prevent it but it does happen. We're gonna slip up from time to time. When we do, you'll get a sincere a apology and we'll make it right.


Meet Nathan 

Nathan Kloster is the Principal of Dunn Wysely. Prior to his Strategic CFO career, he served in the United States Marine Corps where he gained valuable skills in leadership, operations management, and risk management. He is a cum laude graduate of The Ohio State University and has degrees in Accounting and Computer Information Science.


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